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The business divisions and activities of E-Star are as follows

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• Efficient heating and district heating supply, based on sustainable primary energy sources
• Energy-efficient public lighting services, based on state-of-the-art voltage regulation technology

Besides these, the company is a participant in the EU project to introduce smart metering, and also conducts research and development in fields related to its core activities.

E-Star`s business profile

• Founded in 2000, the E-Star Alternative Plc. is one of the leading corporate groups in the Central and Eastern European region engaged in the implementation of energy-saving projects that involve the use of renewable energy sources.
• At present, E-Star is the only Alternative Energy Company listed on the stock exchange in Hungary.
• The company develops customised solutions that are independent of any technology or service provider. The projects are then implemented by the company as the general contractor, with the appropriate financing.
• The company`s revenues are generated, on the basis of long-term agreements, from the energy savings made in the course of implementation and the fees for operation and maintenance of the projects.
• More than two-thirds of E-Star`s clients are municipalities.

The geographical reach of E-Star

• In the beginning E-STAR Plc. implemented its successful heat supply and generation projects and public lighting investments in Hungary, principally in the municipal sector.
• Due to the changing economic and social expectations in our region, demand has grown for the types of solutions offered by E-Star Alternative Plc., and this has presented our Company, with its strengthening position and increasingly formidable track record in Hungary, with the opportunity to expand in the wider region.
• Due to the fact that municipalities in the region’s other countries are even more underfinanced than in Hungary and the heating technology of public institutions tends to be more outdated, the potential savings are also higher. For this reason, since 2010 E-Star has increasingly turned its attention to neighbouring countries, particularly Romania and in 2011 Poland.


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