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Energy efficiency

Today, energy efficiency is not merely a local or national issue, but a global phenomenon.

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District heating brings all the following benefits for consumers:
• An economic solution
• Security of supply
• Efficient heating
• Environmentally friendly

In the first phase we replace the outdated heat generation equipment, such as gas engines or boilers, with new, reliable and efficient equipment. For heat generation, co-generation technology can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30-50%; however, wherever possible the company gives preference to the construction of biomass-fuelled power plants. Beyond the fuel savings, favourable prices are also ensured by the economies of scale that can be leveraged using the power plant, which ensure that households’ heating costs will remain lower than those of other heating methods over the long term as well. The installation of an energy-efficient district heating system cuts carbon-dioxide emissions by several million tonnes each year.
In the second phase E-Star achieves a further improvement in energy efficiency by investing in the distribution network. We can take an obsolete district network operating at a loss of 25-52% and reduce this figure to 5-10% depending on the scale of the investment in the pipeline network. This leads to sizeable fuel savings in the long run, and can also result in a considerable cost reduction for consumers.

The end results are efficient energy use, security of supply, regulated consumption, energy savings, less damage to the environment, and satisfied consumers.


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