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We are proud to introduce E-Star, the only Central European alternative energy company listed in a Stock Exchange in our geographic region.

RFV, the predecessor of E-Star was founded in 2000 as a pioneer in the "ESCO" (energy service company) business in Hungary. Since then, we have been constantly striving to transform our company into a leading alternative energy service business in Central Europe. Now, we are living in exciting times, being challenged by expanding into Romania and Poland, developing our capability of international capital attraction and building our new brand, E-Star.

E-Star has created a unique business and corporate governance model using knowledge-based solutions to achieve energy efficiency improvement, meeting local needs and conditions. Our business model is based on providing energy services independent from specific technologies and individual suppliers. Based on locally available resources, we provide eco-friendly solutions at the best possible price in a tailored and optimized manner.

We have been supporting our clients with pioneering technologies by our own technological assistance, with our own financial support and at our own risk, for more than ten years. Our long-term contracts guarantee safety services for our clients and constant value creation for our investors. There are dozens of local governments, hundreds of local governmental institutions, and thousands of residential consumers using the central heating provided by us. We also have industrial projects in our horizon.

We are proud of our team, which excels with its creativity and ability to solve specific problems day by day. As a result, we are building one of the most dynamically developing companies in the region. We consider it of the utmost importance to reconcile the interests of all our partners, investors, consumers and stakeholders by creating a long-term balance among the interests of these groups.

The content of our website is an indication as well, that we are one of the most sustainable and transparent alternative energy companies in Central-Europe. Please, contact us if you need any information regarding emerging issues or if you are looking for partnership.

Enjoy discovering our world!

Csaba Soós
CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors